Welcome to Alegre

At Alegre, we partner with Retailers, Wholesalers, Telecommunication and eCommerce Companies to expand the smartphone market by making device ownership more accessible and affordable.

We do this by simultaneously managing end-to-end Smartphone Trade In programs, with the sole objective of finding these devices a new owner. We believe the best form of recycling is re-use, and with over 7 billion smartphones manufactured globally, it is essential we work on effectively managing the environmental impacts by extending the device lifecycle.

To achieve this, we operate in a number of ways:

Corporate & B2B Trade In Programs

The key to Alegre’s success has been our ability to deliver an end-to-end corporate Trade In solution which is efficient, secure, fully accountable, and market leading. With the release of new Smartphones and Tablets every year, we understand the need for businesses to upgrade their fleet of devices on a very regular basis to stay at the forefront of new technologies – whilst maximising the residual value of the existing fleet.

We ensure all of your regulatory and legal compliance requirements are met, secure transport of devices through our fully established reverse logistics solution, qualified team of expert technicians, secure and certified data destruction, and a commercial acumen to maximise the return value of these devices.

Retail Trade In Program

Do you operate a retail store and would like to offer a Smartphone and Tablets trade in service to your customers? Through Alegre’s Trade In Management System (TIMS), we work with you to deliver a simple, secure and scalable software solution which enables a device trade in to be processed from quote to completion in under 5 minutes. Alegre’s mobile responsive platform and in-house development team, coupled with our comprehensive reporting and management capability, has resulted in a trusted solution in which over 1,000,000 Trade In transactions have been processed across Australia in the past 5 years.

Wholesale Purchases of Pre-Owned Devices

At Alegre, we significantly reduce the risk of buying pre-owned Smartphones and Tablets by sourcing, diagnosing and guaranteeing our devices are the best value in the market.

Operating from our secure facility in Sydney NSW, every device undergoes a rigorous, industry leading 72-point inspection process to ensure 100% functionality. These devices are then cosmetically graded and made available for sale to our Wholesale Channel Partners - delivering reliable, dependable and completely data wiped devices ready to be used by the end consumer, backed by an Alegre warranty.

If you operate a Retail or eCommerce store and would like to expand your product range to certified pre-owned Smartphones and Tablets, reach out to Alegre today.