At Alegre, our aim is to supply quality preowned Smartphones and Tablets in the hands of every Australian by making them affordable. We believe that every Australian should have access to a quality communication device without the prohibitive cost.

Alegre’s national footprint allows us to leverage off our far-reaching network of buying and selling partnerships. In addition to our Global Partnerships, Alegre has access to over 75% of the Australian Mobile Trade In devices, acquired through our strategic partnership agreements across key Telecommunication, Industry and Corporate customers. Further to this, Alegre has 2nd Hand Dealer Licences in every State and Territory of Australia which is essential to operate legally as a trader of 2nd hand goods.

As a continuous improvement organisation, we ensure our processes, operations and management are constantly reviewed and refined. This ensures the value of the products and services offered to our Customers and Partners are of the highest industry standards.

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